Many security solutions today are simply off the shelf data
encryption. While a good start, the only way to fully ensure privacy
is by authenticating the team members you communicate with.


Authenticate your team members and exchange encrypted text messages, files, images and videos over a Scrambl Virtual Private Channel (VPC). Scrambl VPCs work over any available public network, including WiFi and 4G.

The Scrambl solution requires no physical infrastructure to deploy.

In addition to the strongest encryption available today, Scrambl VPCs provide virtually unbreakable authentication – guaranteeing no ‘man-in-the-middle’ is electronically compromising your privacy or downloading your data.

Scrambl is purpose-built to secure team communications in just seconds from ground zero. New people who
need to join your team VPC can be up as quickly as it takes to download the app and enter their email address.

Simple, fast, and secure enough to protect military operations, Scrambl will keep you and your team safe.


Scrambl uses unspoofable human interaction to overcome the weaknesses in existing security technologies, and ensures complete privacy between members of your team. Patented security protocols developed for the military authenticate your users for the exchange of encrypted data and files.



Scrambl channels can be created in a matter of seconds and, once established, remain safely in place for a user-configured period of time without the need for re-authentication.

All communication traffic over a Scrambl VPC is safeguarded by the strongest 256 bit encryption standards available, ensuring any data in transit or ‘at rest’ on your device is cryptographically locked up.

No third parties or cumbersome Public Key Infrastructure PKI vendors involved. Teams can easily get up and running without help from IT.

Communicate securely over any public network in the world, including WiFi and 3G/4G, on any Android or iOS device. No dedicated devices or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) required.

Scrambl administrators maintain complete control over essential team functionality and benefit from regulatory compliant record storage, time-bombed messaging and auditable usage reports.


Scrambl uses a method of authentication involving Human Interaction Security Protocols. Human Interaction Security Protocols (HISPs) offer an entirely new way of authenticating teams to create robust security where none exists. Originally developed to support battlefield communications, they now allow organisations to mitigate the risk posed by the growing volume of unsecured mobile business communications.

Scrambl’s technology was borne out of a project funded by the UK Ministry of Defence, who approached Oxford University to help address the significant security flaws in Bluetooth – a protocol used for short-range wireless communications.

Dr. Bill Roscoe, a member of OxCEPT’s leadership team, and a team at Oxford University’s Department of Computer Science subsequently invented and patented the ‘Hash Commitment Before Knowledge (HCBK)’ protocol to support these military needs.

Due to its use of a second empirical channel as part of the authentication process, HCBK is demonstrably immune to man-in-the-middle attacks and is particularly suited to cases where either a high level of security must be created where none exists, or where additional security, such as enhanced authentication, must be provided between several parties in an existing network.

In addition to the HCBK authentication protocol, Scrambl also safeguards all communication traffic using the strongest encryption standards available. This includes AES 256-bit and Diffie–Hellman key exchange (D–H).