• Putting Security Back in the Hands of Users

    Headline after headline, the most recent being Ashley Madison, show just how poor many organisations are at providing “secure” services. Imperfect technology, and poor use of technology by others, frequently puts our privacy and even security at risk. We have to move to a world where our technology is...

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  • Is Authentication More Important Than Encryption?

    As the world becomes increasingly dependent on mobile communications, ensuring your messages are encrypted is essential to security. However, with security risks increasingly coming from the ‘man in the middle’ of our communications, there needs to be more attention paid to an important layer in the mobile security model. This key component...

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  • Assessing the risks of team communications

    There is a hidden potential risk to every piece of private corporate communication data – every email, every text, every image, could have a cost to the business should it fall into the wrong hands. The stakes are high in the competitive business world, and many companies (and countries)...

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